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HiMedia Student's Hydroponics Kit , reviewed based on item ordered on Amazon in December 2019

Student's Hydroponics Kit
The student’s hydroponics kit is a hobby kit manufactured by higronics in India under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
Can be given as return gift for your child’s birthday, or a take-away souvenir from meetings. It can be used to educate children at home as they can observe the growth of plants and roots at home without coming in contact with soil or manure.
Price : Rs 293

Open and water DIY (Do it yourself) kit for children . Home grown veggies from your table top! No soil, no dirt

The kit was purchased from Amazon for review by the domain investor, paying the market price . It consists of
- Cocopeat block
- Seeds
- Nutrient solution powder
- detailed instructions for use
Kindly note that a large bucket or container will be required for keeping the cocopeat block, and it will expand after water is added. The cocopeat block can be divided into multiple sections for growing the plants

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